I Know It’s Wrong To HATE But…

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February 1 , 2017 | Posted by tlpinter |

I Know It’s Wrong To HATE But…

(Warning: the following is full of potty language!)

First let me start off by saying…anyone that maim, mutilate, torture, wound, or kill animals are despicable pieces of trash and I hope they die a slow, excruciating death, but before they do, I hope those degenerate piles of crap allow me the honor of punching them in their fucking face.

Here’s a gem… an Ohio firefighter, by the name of David Santuomo, shot and killed his two dogs because he didn’t want to pay to have them boarded while he went on a vacation with his girlfriend. Mr. David “Scumbag” Santuomo took his two dogs to the basement, tied them to a pipe partially suspending them in the air and shot and killed them. Then he text messaged some friends and told some of his co-workers about what he did. Did you think they would be in awe of your money-saving savviness? Did it not occur to you that maybe at least one of the people you bragged to might be an animal lover and report you? Mr. David “Dickhead” Santuomo got off with a 90 day jail sentence….which, in my opinion, isn’t nearly enough. I hope you get dick rot, asshole.

And then there are Krystal Lynn Lewis, 23, and Austin Mullins, 26…two pieces of month-old rotting trash from Oklahoma, who shot and killed a Jack Russell Terrier puppy and skinned it to make a belt. A belt. Really? What kind of sick, twisted fuck do you have to be to kill 7 week old puppy to make a belt? Apparently, the puppy was a gift from her ex-lover who she no longer got along with so she wanted the puppy killed. Really? Was that the only idea your simple mind could come up with to “get even” with an ex-lover? If there’s a hell…I hope you both rot in it.

Jonathon Connor Blake, 20, and Trent William Cunniffe, 24, two pricks from Queensland, Australia stole a seven-month-old fox terrier puppy then proceeded to mutilate and torture it for some time before killing it.  The puppy’s nose was cut off, its front right leg and rear left leg were cut off and it was decapitated. His stomach was cut open from neck to tail. And as if that wasn’t sick enough, the douchebags videotaped the whole thing. What kind of sick, demented fuck enjoys torturing a small puppy, listening to it’s agonizing cries as it’s cut to pieces?  You both can go fuck yourselves…twice, then eat a dick and choke on it.

Then there’s Glynn Johnson, a Los Angeles County assistant fire chief and complete and total shithead. When Karley, a 6-month-old German Shepherd puppy belonging to a neighbor, got loose another neighbor found her and was walking her back home when Glynn “Fucknut” Johnson, upset that the dog  walked on his property, stepped in. He grabbed the dog and began beating her…punching her in the face repeatedly and hitting her in the head with a large rock. He then reached into the dog’s mouth and tried to pull the dog’s jaws apart, breaking its jaw. The injuries were so severe, the puppy had to be euthanized. Glynn Johnson should be euthanized…for being a complete and utter waste of oxygen.

Tyler Weinman, 18, an asshole and Miami, Florida resident was recently arrested in connection with a crime spree that left 19 cats maimed and murdered. Miami’s Cat Serial Killer who even joined the Facebook group “Catch the Cat Killer”…probably to enjoy the publicity he was getting. Or 14 year old dipshit Kenny Glenn who, along with his equally moronic brother Weston, videotaped themselves torturing a cat  by slamming the cat against a bathroom wall and repeatedly striking it with fists…then foolishly uploaded the video to YouTube where they quickly became well-hated by every cat-lover. Thankfully, this animal survived. Unfortunately, these three dickwads are alive as well.

Don’t get me started on any assclown that is involved in dog fighting…whether they are breeding fight dogs, training fight dogs, fighting dogs or just watching the fights. These people are nothing but skid marks in society’s collective underwear.

These are just a few of the countless stories of despicable pieces of excrement committing heinous acts of animal cruelty. I just simply can’t fathom how anyone can purposely harm an innocent animal, let alone slowly torture it. It’s incomprehensible. It’s inexcusable. These people are lower than insect shit.  They are failures at life. And I hope they all die early.