Remember When The History Channel Aired History Programs?

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February 1 , 2017 | Posted by tlpinter |

Remember When The History Channel Aired History Programs?

Growing up in the 80s and 90s, I would take the free tv guide booklet from the Sunday Paper each week and highlight all the interesting programs (generally historical or scientific) on the Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel (TLC) that I wanted to watch or record on my VCR. By the early 2000s, both channnels had completely changed their format, focusing less on educational programs and pushing more and more reality television, or what I like to call, “crap”. To my delight, it was around this time that my local cable provider started carrying The History Channel and History International (H2). Along with the addition of The Military Channel, National Geographic Channel and Science Channel. I was in my glory. But in the last five years, The History Channel has moved toward reality tv-based programs…shows about truckers, pawnshops, people in swamps, lumberjacks, garbage pickers and on rare occasions, UFOs. So basically, The History Channel are putting ratings ahead of education. The channel has become a complete and utter joke, focusing on entertainment instead of anything of historical importance. On the rare occasion that they air anything of historical significance, such as “America: The Story of Us”, it is a huge success. Their follow-up “Mankind: The Story of All of Us”, while enjoyable, could have been better. I felt like they rushed through a lot of it. And while talking about Christianity from a historical standpoint is fine, I didn’t like that they referred to Jesus and his crucifixion as if it were fact. And don’t get me started on their upcoming series, “The Bible”…if they want to present it as “here are the STORIES that are in the bible” that’s fine, but don’t try to pass it off as historical fact. Because it’s not. I’m more excited about their upcoming series on The Vikings. Bottom line…The History Channel needs to step away from the mind-numbingly bad reality tv programs and get back to the topic it’s name is based on…HISTORY.