When Owners Fail their Dogs

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February 1 , 2017 | Posted by tlpinter |

When Owners Fail their Dogs

Let me tell you a story about a dog.

One day a young couple filled out an application for a puppy that they wanted to bring into their family. They promised to take care of her. They put a roof over her head. Food and water in her bowl. They even took her on long, daily walks.

The one thing they failed to do was properly socialize her with other dogs. For two years they never allowed her to interact with another dog. When the couple had children two years later…they no longer had time for her and didn’t want a dog that large around their crawling children. So she was dumped into a shelter.

One rule we have, one rule that is CLEARLY stated in the contract that adopters sign is, that if for some reason, they no longer want the dog, they are to return the dog to us. Another thing this couple failed to do. The shelter contacted us and returned the dog.

But the damage was done.

She was an 80 lb. dog with severe dog aggression. She moved from foster home to foster home, as most fosters are dog owners, she posed a risk to their dogs. At adoption days, she would react negatively towards other dogs.

When a  family became interested in adopting her, a family who said they were willing to work with her, we paid over $2,000 for a personal trainer who took her into his home to train her. But even after two months, he said that she could never be trusted with other dogs. And the new family were apparently incapable of following instructions and not only gave let her fence fight with the neighbor’s dog, they also allowed her to interact with other dogs during walks…these encounters ended in fights. They quickly gave up on her.

She spent another ten months in foster care. Then one day at an Adoption Day, she viciously attacked another dog. She was a liability to the Rescue. The following day the she was euthanized.

I don’t blame the dog. I blame the original owners.

They failed her.

A roof over her head, food and water in her bowls and daily exercise is great. But it was not enough. Dogs need to be properly socialized. Failure to do so increases the risk that the dog will have some sort of behavioral issue when interacting with other dogs. Some don’t develop proper dog manners. Some may be timid and fearful. And some, like Dublyn, may become aggressive.

R.I.P. Dublyn…I’m sorry your original owners sucked.